Dreams Deferred

Recession, Struggle, and the Quest for a Better World

Dreams Deferred is an account of my journey to survive and escape poverty while also holding onto my dream of a career as a do-gooder through the Great Recession and beyond. It’s written in the hopes that my story will inspire and help others, even just one reader, to persevere. From scoping out spots to stay the night on the streets of San Francisco, to working to craft the product vision as a product leader ensconced in San Francisco tech, it’s my honest portrayal about what it took to get there – struggling to pay student loans, globe trotting on a low salary, building a life as an advisor, mentor, and investor to some of the most influential philanthropists and social impact institutions. Within these stories, which paint portraits of moving from hostel to hostel, struggling to eat as a grad student in London, seeing dreams become impossible, and personal suffering after the death of a mother I was not able to support, Dreams Deferred seeks to provide practical advice on strategizing to get to the next place in your career and find your life while not ignoring all the innovative ways that you, me – and anyone – can transform this world into something better than it was when we found it.

Brandolon Barnett Dreams Deferred
Dreams Deferred by Brandolon Barnett