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Democratize Ventures Pre-Seed Angel Funding Brandolon Barnett

Pre-Seed Angel Funding

Each year in June Democratize Ventures will invest a minimum of $10K through qualified angel investments on favorable terms into small businesses founded by women and men of color. Interested in applying for funding? Check out our investment criteria and if your product and positioning fit reach out through our contact page to learn more.

Brandolon Barnett Speaking Engagement Democratize Ventures

Pro-Bono or Paid Advice

Maybe you want to launch a business. Maybe you want to turn a hobby into something more. Or maybe you have a creative project to share with the world. I’ve helped some of the largest and most successful companies, NGOs, and Philanthropic Institutions in the world. It’s my passion and mission to help you too. I can work with you and your team to create new strategies for your corporate social responsibility (even for small startups), new products and product roadmaps, refreshed visions for existing product lines, project plans for validating product concepts, new social impact programs, and more. I provide Pro-Bono advice for those who need it, paid advice at a rate of $150 per hour or as an advisor for small equity grants.

Democratize Ventures Career Assistance

Career Assistance

Looking to move to the next step in your career? Hoping to pivot to a new sector, particularly social impact work that makes the world a better place? Thinking about how to build and leverage job skills that can help you unlock your inner entrepreneur? Whatever it is I can help you strategize for the next step in your career. Either I or someone on the Democratize Ventures board of advisors or within our broader network volunteer as a mentors occasionally upon request but also offer career assistance at a rate of $75 per hour.